Monday, July 28, 2003

This is Broken

Yours truly has an entry at This is Broken, the catalog of bad user experiences. These signs get on my nerves every morning. They are posted in the construction areas of subway stops, usually not actually in the “restricted clearance area”. It’s a good example of inappropriate use of organizational language, unfortunately in a situation where public safety is at risk. This (and all the pictures on this site) was taken with my Nokia 3650.

Friday, July 25, 2003

The newest national park

As reported on NPR this morning, Governor’s Island, sandwiched between Brooklyn’s Red Hook waterfront and Manhattan’s financial district, opened July 24th for tourism. The civil war era military site, most recently used as a Coast Guard training station, was established as a national monument on January 19, 2001, and following a waiver of the right of first offer for purchase by the State and City of New York was declared a national park on February 7, 2003. Read the whole story here. Or visit the official site of the newest national park.